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We are excited to announce a formal partnership with Cörlibri!

Cörlibri describes their project as “a high-yield deflationary token used as the basis for an entire ecosystem of products. Based off the Unicore smart contracts, it incorporates features such as liquidity locks and upward price pressure through the use of asymmetrical buy/sell fees.”



How will this partnership work?

  • Firstly, it will help bring light to both projects
  • Secondly, Cörlibri and RUGZ holders will get a NFT off of our new line of art coming in January (TBA)
  • Lastly, we will obtain a farming pair Cörlibri/RUGZ

This yield farming pool will allow participants to earn xCorlibri (xCor) at an estimated 1,000–2,000% APY! This can be accomplished by visiting…

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We are very excited to announce a groovy collaboration with! describes their project “as is an innovative protocol that employs Blockchain and distributed ledger technology to empower artists and musicians and give them a vehicle for monetizing their art in a fair and transparent way by allowing artists to mint, sell and license master copies of their art for cryptocurrency, regardless of their country of residence and without middlemen”.

We are going to collaborate on a Christmas NFT that will have the elements from both projects embedded within it! Ill give a few hints… XRP.. The Grinch.. Christmas.. and custom unlockable tunes. …

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It is our pleasure to announce that with the dedication and hard work between and Zero Utility Token, we have completed our NFT reward portal.


By visiting the portal, not only can you interact with our reward pool by staking a ZUT/RUGZ UNI-V2 token, you can also view and purchase our professionally made NFTS.

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We are pleased to announce that the $ZUT/$RUGZ farm is live. The reward token is nfZURU $ZURU. This token will be used to swap for professionally made NFTS that are created and collaborated on between $RUGZ and $ZUT as well as other well-known NFT artists.

Holders will add to the $RUGZ/$ZUT pool on uniswap creating a liquidity provider token that can be used to stake on GYSR to earn $ZURU.

$ZURU can be used to swap for NFTS that will be listed in our Rewards portal that we are launching 11/27/2020.

To do this

1.) Head to , here you will provide $ZUT/$RUGZ and create a UNI-V2 token. …

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Image for post is pleased to announce another thrilling collaboration with the Zero Utility Token project!

We have agreed on creating a yield farming pool to farm a reward token that can be used to redeem professionally made NFTS that will merge both projects artwork into astonishing art pieces that will be minted on the block-chain eternally.

How will this work?

· We will create a $ZUT/$RUGZ yield farming pool on the GYSR platform which allow holders to farm the reward token $nfZURU.

· We will fund the reward pool with 1 million $nfZURU reward tokens that can be collected over 365 days. …

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We have finished the art for the $RUGZ NFT Raffle.

The theme behind the NFT is the legendary Tupac cleaning up the crypto space in a city near you.

There are 3 versions:

· The Emerald (only 3 minted) — Black and white with a emerald green border:

· The Ruby (only 2 minted) — Colored in version with a ruby red border:

· The Diamond (only 1 minted) — Colored in and animated version with a diamond border:

The Tickets can be obtained with $RUGZ token only and by visiting:

The tickets will remain on sale until 12/10/2020 or sold out. The drawing will be held immediately after the designated date or sold out.

Team $RUGZ,

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Introducing $RUGZ NFT RAFFLE

The NFT raffle is a new and exciting idea that benefits $RUGZ holders as well as the continued development of the project.

How will the raffle work?

§ There will be 500 NFT Raffle Tickets minted on the blockchain as erc1155’s.

§ Each ticket will cost 2 $RUGZ.

§ There is no limit to the amount of Raffle Tickets Purchased.

What can you win?

There is going to be 3 classes of NFTS created each with a different rare Gem Value. Each NFT will have a $RUGZ twist by bringing to light the rugpulls in crypto. …

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We have been working extremely hard to make this project succeed for the long term. With that said, we would like to formally announce a strategic collaboration on a premium NFT with Corona Defi $CORD!

$CORD describes their projects mission “to fight against rug pulls while donating to many charitable organizations.” $CORD has made the necessary steps in protecting their community by locking liquidity as well as burning their mint key. We feel this is a match made in heaven as we are also fighting conartist by bringing rug pulls and scams to light via blockchain art!

With all of this said, let us go over the criteria to receive this badass collab…

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$RUGZ Farming Powered by GYSR Technology is live!

We are happy to officially announce that our yield farming portal is live and ready to earn more $RUGZ! Early bird gets the worm, so don’t miss out! The reward pool was formed from personal team funds and donations.

What are the benefits of yield farming with $RUGZ?

- Firstly, by providing LP for $RUGZ you will earn MORE $RUGZ!

- Secondly, you will earn 0.3% of all transaction fees on uniswap.

- Lastly, you will receive all NFTS designated for LP providers only.

What are the steps to yield farm?

· Head to: , you should see RUGZ/ETH, provide the amount of $RUGZ you would like along with the same amount in ETH. …

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$RUGZ Farming Powered by GYSR!

We will be using GYSR technology to create a revolutionary yield farming portal for $RUGZ. It is fully audited and will give $RUGZ token a second utility to NFTS.

GYSR is a generalized, configurable, and 100% decentralized platform for yield farming. This will allow $RUGZ holders who provide Uniswap liquidity the ability to farm additional $RUGZ out of a pool funded by

Audit Information:

Release Date:10/28/2020, Time — TBA

The Plan - will launch one Geyser to farm $RUGZ:


And a second pool RUGZ/USDC LP in January 2021.

Each pool will be funded with a % of $RUGZ development funds for an initial seed and will add funds as needed. …


The World’s 1st Reverse Endowment Contributing Token that leaves the RUGING to the Community!

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